A. Yes, should you wish to return anything bought from us online, please contact our Customer Service team no later than 7 days after receipt of your order to start the return process. Call our helpline on +852 9727 6553, open from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. If you prefer, you can email us at sales@lacuisinecookware.com. More information can be found on the Delivery & Returns page.

A. Although La Cuisine Cast Iron is very durable the enamel coating is made from glass and, as such, the pan can crack or chip if dropped or knocked. Unfortunately, this type of damage is not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee and we are unable to accept individual items for repair.

A. Yes. Meat can be browned on the hob first. Also, onions, garlic and other vegetables can be softened/sautéed at this stage. Stock can then be added and you can either simmer the dish on top of the stove or place it in the oven. We feel cooking in the oven increases the depth of flavour.

A. Around 150 deg. C for most dishes. Cast Iron is ideal for slow cooking. This method of cooking ensures meat is extremely tender and flavour is enhanced. If the oven temperature is too high, the stock will dry out and there will be a risk of burning due to the heat retention properties of cast iron. Because cast iron retains heat so well and requires only low-moderate heat settings, it is more economical to use than cooking implements made from other materials.

A. Yes, all our products are enamelled underneath to ensure they do not scratch glass hobs.Care should be taken not to bang them down on glass or other brittle hobs.

A. Yes, Cast Iron is suitable for all hobs, including induction.

A. No. La Cuisine will never use them on any of our products. Our fry pans have a matt black enamel coating, sourced from Japan. Although technically not non-stick, you will find that a little oil will prevent most sticking. More importantly, though, your fry pan will naturally become non-stick as both cooking oil and natural oils within food gradually penetrate the surface of the pan to form a patina (naturally occurring non-stick layer). Occasional seasoning of the pan will accelerate this process. The advantage of this is that the more the pan is used the better it gets. Plastic coated non-stick coatings eventually deteriorate whereas, as stated above, Cast Iron pans improve as they are used. No matter how good a non-stick coating is, it has a finite lifespan (often only a year or two). Cast Iron pans without a plastic non-stick coating brown better and are therefore ideal for searing food and locking-in flavour.

A. Although occasional dishwasher use will not harm your La Cuisine cookware, dishwashers are not recommended.

A. This helps speed up the time it takes for the pan to develop non- stick properties. Heat the pan without oil on a heat source. When hot remove from the heat, add oil which has a high flash- point (sunflower oil, vegetable oil, rapeseed oil etc) and leave to cool. Wipe dry with a paper towel and use normally. Only matt black enamelled surfaced ever need to be seasoned. Cream enamel surfaces do not require seasoning.

A. Firstly, when grilling it is better to use an oil with a high flash point. This means it will only start smoking at high temperatures. Olive oil is not really ideal for grilling as it has a relatively low flash point. The best oils to use are oils such as rapeseed oil, groundnut oil and sunflower oil. The second tip is to heat up the grill pan without any oil in it. Then oil the food and not the pan. Lightly brush your steak etc. with oil on both sides before placing it on the hot grill. You will see a difference.

A. Firstly, ensure the pan is hot before placing the food on it. This is important. Secondly, if you try to turn the food before the char lines have formed, it will remain stuck. As soon as char lines have developed, food release is guaranteed.

A. Yes, we can deliver to most destinations.

A. It could be that the item was left in a damp area or, perhaps, was not dried properly. The function of the item will not be affected.
To deal with the issue, we recommend that the rim be scrubbed with a nylon sponge or brush and washing liquid, washed and dried. Once dried, a small amount of olive oil rubbed around the rim to create a seal will prevent rust from re-appearing.

A. We recommend that metal utensils are not used on casseroles with glossy cream enamel interiors, as these are likely to leave surface scratches. On matt black enamel interiors such as we use on our ‘Pro’ series, metal utensils are perfectly acceptable.


La Cuisine offers a Lifetime Guarantee on the product for normal household usage. This guarantee covers faulty workmanship and/or materials.

The Original retail consumer of the product who purchased the goods as new, either directly or as a gift.  The warranty no longer applies if the goods are sold or ownership transferred.

Damage from misuse, commercial use, use in a professional environment, neglect, abnormal and normal wear and tear, overheating, or any other damage caused by not following the care and use instructions. Scratches, stains, chipping, discolouration, corrosion or damage from overheating to the product and its enamel coating or from the product being dropped or banged.Consequential or incidental damage is expressly excluded from the guarantee including damage or the cost of subsequent repairs or replacing other property that is damaged due to a defective product. Any costs associated with mailing the product to acquire service under the terms of the warranty, loss of time and loss of use.

We will replace the defective product free of charge with a similar product or one of an equivalent value if the original is no longer available. In the case of a set only the faulty item will be replaced. This Lifetime Guarantee does not affect your legal statutory rights. Please contact your nearest La Cuisine Office address as stated on our website www.lacuisinecookware.com.